Meet Our Team

Miraculous Recovery for Couples on the Brink

Monika Hoyt, Relationship Coach

Monika is a therapist and relationship coach specializing in marriages and long-term relationships on the brink of separation or divorce.

She helps successful, spiritually-minded people who are committed to seeking greater consciousness within themselves for the purpose of radically transforming their intimate relationships.

She has been counseling people for over twenty years. She has completed over 25,000 direct clinical hours and provided clinical supervision to other therapists for a total of four years.

Monika’s true passion has always been to discover the inner “magic” that allows us to create something unprecedented–new experiences that far transcend anything our previous life experiences could have predicted. She believes that our relationships are THE MOST IMPORTANT thing in our health, success, well-being, and happiness. There simply is nothing more important or worthy of our full attention.

Ned and Kelly Vandiver, Relationship Coaches

Ned and Kelly are leading-edge marriage mastery coaches who facilitate breakthroughs quickly. Trained in Relational Life Therapy (by Terry Real), they are able to assess the patterns, spot the blocks and offer the shifts to create miraculous transformations in your marriage. They walk the talk, speak truth with love, and fully advocate for your healing and success. 

Maliha Cox, Mindset Coach

Maliha is the Couple’s Cure Program Guide and Success Coach. She keeps  you connected with your goals, identifies the barriers during each phase of this process, and clarifies your next steps so you can keep momentum with intelligent actions. She helps you internalize the teachings of the curriculum into new lived experiences. As the saying goes: “To know and to not yet DO, is to not yet know.” (Lao Tzu)

Karina Padilla, Program Support

Karina has been supporting the Couple’s Cure since 2018.  Her role is to ensure that your access in the program is working properly, receive the group call reminders, and make sure you have everything you need.  If you require assistance with invoices or superbills, please contact her at

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